HWA Bram Stoker Award 2012 Reading List

I am very happy that “The Ballad of Boomtown” (Black Static Issue 28) is on the HWA Bram Stoker Award 2012 Reading List. Issues 27 and 28 of Black Static has a strong showing on the list with great writers like Carole Johnstone, Jacob Ruby, John Ingold, Stephen Bacon and Simon Bestwick.

Just to be clear, this is the HWA reading list not a ballot or nominee list for the awards themselves.

On a different note,  I’m going to be a guest on RedShift Radio on Thursday 14th June. Tim Prevett hosts a regular show, Something Different, from 7-9pm for anyone with an interest in heritage, history and the mysterious. You can listen via a link from Tim’s page. I am very, very nervous.

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4 thoughts on “HWA Bram Stoker Award 2012 Reading List

  1. Tim Prevett says:

    You’re going to be just fine, Priya :o) Looking forward to welcoming you on the show, now called “Something Different”.

  2. Ooops. Sorry Tim. See you tomorrow!

  3. georgie says:

    Very exciting! How did it go?

  4. Hi Georgie!
    I felt a bit fraudulent being on there but Tim, the host, was very gracious and managed to get me through the show. The time went very fast and all I remember are the moments when I was sweating and corpsing, even when he asked me something fairly simple. I’ve never seen a DJ at work though, which was the best bit. He was lining up tracks, preparing the next segment,looking online at Facebook/Twitter and chatting to me, all at once.

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