Arcane II

Arcane II, an anthology of horror, dark fantasy and weird fiction, edited by Nathan Shumate of Cold Fusion Media, is out on Monday 21st January 2013. It contains my story, “The Beatification of Thomas Small”.  The ebook will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  The print book (which will follow in a couple of weeks) will be on CreateSpace and Amazon.

The cover art is by a French artist, Nihil.

Arcane 2Table of Contents

  • Libby Cudmore and Matthew Quinn Martin, “Convention of Ekphrasis”
  • Michael Haynes, “In the Paint”
  • Milo James Fowler, “Beneath the Surface”
  • Andrew Bourelle, “What It Means to Love”
  • Priya Sharma, “The Beatification of Thomas Small”
  • Craig Pay, “His City”
  • Patrick McGinnity, “The Dubious Apotheosis of Baskin Gough”
  • Adele Gardner, “Triptych”
  • Jean Graham, “Nightcrawlers”
  • Nicole M. Taylor, “The Pianist’s Wife”
  • Suzanne Sykora, “Palace of Rats”
  • Michael R. Fletcher, “Fire and Flesh”
  • Steve Toase, “Fate’s Mask”
  • Miranda Ciccone, “Orpheus and Eurydice”
  • Joanna Parypinski, “Lakeshore Drive”
  • Harry Markov, “Hurricane Drunk”
  • Brooke Miller, “The Last Laugh”
  • Gef Fox, “Tree Hugger”
  • Philip Roberts, “90 Day Notice”
  • Eric Dimbleby, “The House That Wept Puddin’”
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4 thoughts on “Arcane II

  1. Paul Johnson-Jovanovic says:

    A novel acceptance is surely not far away for you, Priya …

  2. Am still working on it as I keep getting side tracked by short stories.

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