Ellen Datlow’s Honorable Mentions 2012

Ellen Datlow has released her list of Honorable Mentions that will appear in print at the back of The Best Horror of the Year volume V.

I am thrilled to bits that my story,”Pearls”, is included there. This appeared in Bourbon Penn last year.

The list includes horror stalwarts like Ramsay Campbell, Stephen King, Joe Hill, Neil Gaiman, Gary McMahon and Alison Littlewood. There are also some other brilliant stories in there-

“The Pest House” by Carole Johnstone, Black Static 28 (and if you thought  this was good, check out “Signs of the Times” in Black Static 33).

“The Churn” by Simon Bestwick, Black Static 27.

“Cracks” by Jon Ingold, Black Static 28.

“Skein and Bone” by V.H. Leslie, Black Static 31.

“The Little Things” by Jacob Ruby, Black Static 27.

“Eyepennies” by Mike O’Driscoll, TTA Chapbook. I couldn’t find a link to his site, so here’s an interview with him instead.

“The Ballad of the Wayfaring Stranger and the Dead Man’s Whore” by the marvellous Sean Demory.

There are stories that aren’t on this list from 2012 that I thought were superb and if I can be so bold as to make recommendations, they are Ray Cluley‘s “Shark! Shark!”, which appeared in Black Static 29, closely  followed by his story, “All Change” in Black Static 30. Both are very clever stories, in very different ways.

My other news is that I’ve had a couple of stories accepted, about which I’m chuffed-

“After Mary” by Alt Hist magazine, (thanks to editor Mark Lord), and “Thesea and Astaurius” by Interzone (thank you to Andy Cox and Andy Hedgecock).

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15 thoughts on “Ellen Datlow’s Honorable Mentions 2012

  1. stevenjdines says:

    Congratulations, Priya.

  2. Thanks Steve! It’s nice to meet you, having read your excellent work in Black Static. I see you’ve got work coming out in Interzone and Crimewave, making you one of the elite band who have stories in all three TTA press publications. I fully expect to see something of yours in Flux, any day soon.

  3. stevenjdines says:

    Oh, I forgot about Flux. And I thought I was done with that Andy Cox. (I’m not, Andy. I’ll be pestering you again pretty soon). Good to meet you, Priya, and I’ll be checking out your work as soon as I’m done with the latest Black Static. Take care.

  4. george says:

    Congrats! I love that your blog is entry after entry of acceptances, honourable mentions, good reviews etc! Awards soon? Why not?!

  5. Ray Cluley says:

    Congrats, Priya – very well deserved praise indeed. And I’m touched you would mention my stories too – thank you, I’m glad you liked them! 🙂

  6. Couple of things. Do you get many rejections, Priya? Want to know that it’s not just me and that someone as talented as you gets em as well. Also, is this you on Facebook? https://www.facebook.com/saveganga.savehardwar

    • Hi Paul,
      How are you doing?
      Talented? I wish. Persistent- yes. “Pearls” was accepted on its 17th submission. Admittedly, there were a fair few rewrites in there but the basic story stayed the same. I had some nice comments but a lot of “It’s not for us”. I’ve got better over time at thinking about what’s suitable for which magazine, which had helped my acceptance rate, although I have made some spectacular gaffs including an editor who rightly said of one of my stories, “This is great but why the hell are you sending it to me?” (Or that was the gist of it, anyway). So, the short answer is yes, lots of rejections.
      I’m not on Facebook. My name’s pretty common so I think there are probably quite a lot of Priya Sharmas out there!
      All the best, as always,

      • 17th submission? Jeezus – now that’s persistence. I thought it was you cause Ellen Datlow tagged you and I followed the link to that woman’s page. I’m second drafting a novel at the moment and got a few stories out there. Still plugging away. You’re def talented, Priya; I can assure you of that. But you’re right, it’s hard work and persistence that gets you somewhere. Nothing more deflating than a rejection, though. I’ve started subbing to pro markets so think there’s a few more coming my way …

      • That’s very kind of you to say Paul.
        I’ve carried Medusa around with me since 2006, rewriting “Pearls” and hoping that somebody would like it. If you believe in your story, keep at it. Good luck with the second novel. What’s it about, or is that still under wraps?

      • Can’t blurt it out in public. Not till I’ve finished it. Hey, would you look at a story of mine? Weighs in at a whopping 994 words. I respect you as a writer and value your opinion, but I’ll understand if it’s a no. I’ll look at any of your stories any time too. All you have to do is ask.

      • Of course- you’ve got my email- send it my way! 🙂

  7. […] Previously on this site I stuck my two penneth in and said that Shark!Shark! was my favourite story of the year, so good luck to Ray. […]

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