Rag and Bone at Tor.com

“I leave Gabriel in the yard and go into town, taking my bag with the vials of skin and bone, flesh and blood, my regular delivery to Makin. The Rag and Bone. Illustrated by John Jude PalencarPeels are looking for body parts.

I love the grandeur of The Strand. High towers of ornate stone. The road’s packed with wagons and carts. Boats choke the river. The Mersey is the city’s blood and it runs rich. Liverpool lives again.”

My new story, “Rag and Bone”, is now available in full at Tor.com

The beautiful illustration is by John Jude Palencar.

My grateful thanks to Ellen Datlow and the good people at Tor.com for taking this story.

More about how and why I wrote “Rag and Bone” can be found at this page of my blog.

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14 thoughts on “Rag and Bone at Tor.com

  1. Cate Gardner says:

    Bloody hell, Priya – TOR!!! You are awesome.

  2. Thanks Cate- not quite as awesome as your selection by The Guardian for “The Theatre of Curious Acts”! Well done!!
    You were described there as an indie star!

  3. george says:

    Hey Priya – you’re not on facebook, are you? A few of us have linked this story from there. You’re amazing!

  4. george says:

    I love the illustration, too! It would be cool if you could get a print of it 🙂

  5. Ilan Lerman says:

    Hey, Priya! Fantastic to see this story published! I loved the changes you made it. It’s a great story.

  6. stevenjdines says:

    Jammy git. 🙂 Seriously, massive congratulations, Priya. I’m going to catch up with some reading this weekend. I’ll add this to the list.

  7. Thanks Steve- especially for the “jammy git” bit 😉

  8. toni pedecine says:

    Just read your work for the first time–Rag and Bone–on Tor website. Fantastic, I really enjoyed it. More, please!

  9. stevenjdines says:

    My apologies for taking so long to get to this story, Priya. Very, very enjoyable. Terrific writing too. Congrats again for placing it at Tor. For what it’s worth, “Rag and Bone” has made it onto my Recommended Reading list. I know, it’s your crowning achievement 🙂

  10. Sir Steve, I’m honoured. I raise a glass to you.

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