Once Upon a Time

Paula Guran has now annouced the table of contents for “Once Upon a Time “, a collection of new fairy tales that will be available from Prime Books later on this year. I’m really pleased that it includes my short story, “Egg”.

Eighteen extraordinary authors devise all-new fairy tales: imaginative reinterpretations of the familiar, evocative new myths, speculations Once Upon a Timebeyond the traditional realm of “once upon a time.” Often dark, occasionally humorous, always enthralling, these entertaining stories find a certain Puss in a near-future New York, an empress bargaining with a dragon, a princess turned into a raven, a king’s dancing daughters with powerful secrets, great heroism, terrible villainy, sparks of mischief, and a great deal more. Brilliant dreams and dazzling nightmares with meaning for today and tomorrow…

“The Giant In Repose” by Nathan Ballingrud

“Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me” by Christopher Barzak

“Tales That Fairies Tell” by Richard Bowes

“Warrior Dreams” by Cinda Williams Chima

“Blanchefleur” by Theodora Goss

“The Road of Needles” by Caitlín R. Kiernan

“Below the Sun Beneath” by Tanith Lee

“The Coin of Heart’s Desire” by Yoon Ha Lee

“Sleeping Beauty of Elista” by Ekaterina Sedia

“Egg” by Priya Sharma

“Lupine” by Nisi Shawl

“Castle of Masks” by Cory Skerry

“Flight” by Angela Slatter

“The Lenten Rose” by Genevieve Valentine

“The Hush of Feathers, the Clamour of Wings” by A.C. Wise

“Born and Bread” by Kaaron Warren

“The Mirror Tells All” by Erzebet YellowBoy

“The Spinning Wheel’s Tale” by Jane Yolen


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5 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. george says:

    Congrats! What a great line up!

    On a slight tangent, the first short story I ever finished was called The Egg. It won me £10 first prize in a writing competition judged by Graham Joyce, and then I went on to sell it to a film company for £100 and they made it into a short film! It was a breakthrough story for me.

    Anyway, just thought of that as your story is called Egg. And I wonder if there are any similarities with mine. Guess I’ll have to buy this antho to find out!

  2. One of your stories have been filmed? That’s awesome. Is it on You Tube or anywhere else?

  3. george says:

    I don’t think so. It was about 11 or 12 years ago. I think I had a copy of it on video! Technology moves pretty fast, eh? Also, I didn’t think it was very good. The director was really heavy handed, especially with characterisation. Interesting experience, though. If I ever find it online, I’ll let you know.

  4. george says:

    Oh, what do you know! I’ve found it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsdFYe7xJ4Q
    (voiceover not written by me! Lord. I claim no responsibility for most of this!)

  5. That’s brilliant! Today Steve Wharton, tomorrow Film4.

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