Horror Uncut: Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease

Horror Uncut Front Cover with titleHorror Uncut: Tales of Social Insecurity and Economic Unease from Gray Friar Press is now out, co-edited by Tom Johnstone and Joel Lane.

Table of Contents

A Cry for Help by Joel Jane, The Battering Stone by Simon Bestwick, The Ballad of Boomtown by Priya Sharma, The Lucky Ones by John Llewellyn Probert, The Sun Trap by Stephen Hampton, Only Bleeding by Gary McMahon, The Lemmy/Trump Test by Anna Taborska, Falling into Stone by John Howard, Pitchka by Laura Mauro, The Devil’s Only Friend by Stephen Bacon, The Procedure by David Williamson, Pieces of Ourselves by Rosanne Rabinowitz, A Matter of Simple Space by John Forth, The Privilege Card by David Turnbull, The Ghost at the Feast by Alison Littlewood, The Opaque District by Andrew Hook and No History of Violence by Thana Niveau

Tom Johnstone is an author and first-time editor.  After reading stories about the dismantling of the NHS by the late Joel Lane in the magazine Black Static and The Fourth Black Book of Horror, he suggested they collaborate on an austerity-themed anthology.  Tom’s post on the anthology is here.

Joel Lane passed away, aged 50, in Novemeber 2013. He was a British Fantasy Award winner and very highly thought of among the writing community.  Horror Uncut includes Joel’s ‘A Cry for Help’, which offers a darkly satirical representation of someone complicit in the privatization of the NHS.

As part of Manchester Metropolitan University’s Gothic Festival , Twisted Tales is hosting an evening exploring how the Gothic can critique the current mainstream political consensus surrounding poverty and the welfare state. There will be readings by authors from Horror Uncut  followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.  Twisted Tales of Austerity is on Friday 24th October 2014at Waterstones Bookshop on Deansgate, Manchester City Centre, from 12 noon-2pm. Tickets are £3.
Horror Uncut Cover Wraparound



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