Kroki w nieznane

Kroki w nieznane (Steps into the Unknown) is a Polish anthology series edited by Miroslaw Obarski. I am very proud to be included in the latest volume with “Rag and Bone”, doubly so because this is the first time that a story of mine has been translated into another language.

There is a mini-interview here, which is also in English.

Steps into the UnknownTable of contents:

Mercurio D. Rivera – Longing For Langalana
Christopher Green – Father’s Kill
Brandon Sanderson – Firstborn
Cixin Liu – The Wandering Earth
Priya Sharma – Rag and Bone
Gareth L. Powell – The Last Reef
Braulio Tavares – Stuntmind
Ray Cluley – Shark! Shark!
Wiktor Toczinow – Cross of St. George
K.J. Parker – The Dragonslayer of Merebarton
Ina Goldin – Our blood
Jonathan Sherwood Under the Graying Sea
Peter Watts Pułkownik – The Colonel
Jonathan Lethem – The Hardened Criminals
John Llewellyn Probert – The Nine Deaths of Dr Valentine

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