Black Static 44

The January–February 2015 issue of Black Static is now out, containing novelettes by Simon Avery, Tyler Keevil, Jackson Kuhl, E. and Black Static 44Catherine Tobler. My short story, “The Absent Shade”, is also included.

The cover art is by Martin Hanford, and interior illustrations are by Martin Hanford, Richard Wagner, and George Cotronis. The usual features are present, including the regular comment columns by Stephen Volk (Coffinmaker’s Blues) and Lynda E. Rucker (renamed Notes From the Borderland); Blood Spectrum by Tony Lee (DVD/Blu-ray/VoD reviews); Case Notes by Peter Tennant (book reviews), which includes an extensive interview with Tim Waggoner.

The Absent Shade is illustrated by Richard Wagner.

More information about the story can be found here.

The Absent Shade, illustrated by Richard Wagner










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4 thoughts on “Black Static 44

  1. Ray Cluley says:

    Looks great, Priya – can’t wait to read it 🙂

  2. Laura Mauro says:

    beautiful artwork, looking forward to reading it

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