Shirley Jackson Awards

Fantastic news for a wonderful writer. Congratulations to V.H. Leslie and Michael Kelly.

V.H. Leslie

Shirley Jackson, doyenne of horror fiction, has influenced generations of writers, keen to draw on her ability to create suspense and psychological unease. I am certainly one such writer, which is why I am particularly thrilled to be a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Awards in the Novelette category, for my story ‘The Quiet Room’.

haunting 2

Congratulations to the other nominees and my thanks to Michael Kelly of Undertow Books for publishing my story ‘The Quiet Room’ in Shadows and Tall Trees. I feel very proud to have been part of such a wonderful publication, which is, incidentally, also nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award in the best Edited Anthology category.

I’d also like to thank the jurors and administrators of the Shirley Jackson Award for short-listing my story and for championing speculative fiction.

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4 thoughts on “Shirley Jackson Awards

  1. Michael Kelly says:

    Thanks, Priya! Quite exciting!

  2. vhleslie says:

    Thanks for the mention Priya!

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