Things I Read In July by Laura Mauro

I wholeheartedly agree with Laura’s comments about Cate Gardner’s work. She is a very modest lady with talent in spades. I’ve bought “The Bureau of Them” and can’t wait to read it.

Also- thanks for the kind words on “Fabulous Beasts”.

Dispatches from the Sinister Room

botcover2The Bureau Of Them by Cate Gardner

The gorgeously hallucinogenic cover art is highly appropriate for this story – a vivid nightmare of a tale in which the world of the living and the world of the dead begin to bleed at the edges, merging into one but only for those who seek out the blurred lines. The titular bureau is a place inhabited by the dead, who appear to be nothing more than mindless automatons acting at the behest of their de-facto leader, Yarker, the kind of gleeful bastard villain Stephen King might have dreamed up. A few days ago on Facebook I described The Bureau Of Them as ‘bloody marvellous, a skin-crawlingly claustrophobic nightmare put to paper, but with a real vulnerability at its heart which grounds the reader in the here and now’ – and I think that’s pretty accurate summary. The main character’s fragility is sketched…

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