Sumptuously Gothic

Mancunicon, the 67th British National Science Fiction Convention, is approaching. It will be held over Easter weekend (25th-28th March 2016) at the Hilton Deansgate, Manchester. Guests of Honour include Aliette de Bodard, David L Clements, Ian McDonald and Sarah Pinborough.

Having never been on a panel before, I’m more than nervous about taking part in a discussion of Sumptuously Gothic on Sunday 27th, 7-8pm, Room 6, Hilton Deansgate.

The look and feel of gothic art and imagery in and out of the movies, from the work of Tim Burton to Penny Dreadful and the recent Crimson Peak, gothic art adds a new, old dimension to the production designers palette. This panel of artists, fans and authors discuss the phenomena, what makes it so velvety and rich and how it influences and manifests in their work.

Fellow panellist include artists Victoria Anne Stokes, Anne Sudworth,  Christopher Baker (who also produces work under the pseudonym Fangorn) and fellow writer Susan Boulton. Meg Frank will be moderating.

Please come and say hello- I’d love to meet you.


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