Mark West’s Brit Horror Mixtape

Brit Horror Mixtape Mark West

Mark West‘s new post is an intriguing one. For The Brit Horror Mixtape he’s asked writers to name their favourite short story by a British author and say a few words about why they like it so much.

Mark was kind enough to ask me to be involved and he’s indulged me a bit by including my choice as it isn’t strictly horror. It was an interesting question but it was more interesting to read about other people’s choices. There are some stories I know and others I’m going to have to seek out.

What’s yours?


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2 thoughts on “Mark West’s Brit Horror Mixtape

  1. owlwoman says:

    I haven’t read his post yet but I’ll check it out – questions like this are very interesting. Personally, my favourite is (probably! Lots of contenders) ‘In The Hills, The Cities’ by Clive Barker. Very different when it was published in the mid-1980s, very different now. A brilliant piece of imaginative writing, it was based in Eastern Europe, and featured a gay male couple. A massive influence on my own writing.

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