The Drugs Don’t Work

IMAG1670Antimicrobial resistance is a very modern horror story. If you want to know more, this book by Professor Dame Sally Davies (Chief Medical Officer for England- incidentally the first woman to hold this post),  Dr Jonathan Grant and Professor Mike Catchpole is brilliant. It’s a short read that’s not preachy or patronising.

Sally Davies addresses not just patients and doctors but also the farming industry and pharmaceutical companies. And if we’re going to survive antimicrobial mutation we’re going to have to work across borders.

Plus there’s some sobering statistics about handwashing.

Get it at your local bookshop or from or


4 thoughts on “The Drugs Don’t Work

  1. Cita says:

    Interesting stuff, perhaps fodder for a story set in the not too distant resistant future….

    • Hi Cita
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree completely. If you ever get time to read this, let me know what you think (and if you write anything based on it).
      All the best

  2. Laura Mauro says:

    I really do need to pick this up. I was talking recently to a doctor at work who bemoaned the way pharmaceutical companies drag their heels on antibiotic research because there’s so little profit in it. Scary times.

    • Hi Laura! Tell me what you make of it when you get round to it.
      The last new antibiotic to market was in 1987. Drug companies love chronic diseases. They want to produce expensive drugs for long term use, not short course use, like a week of an antibiotic for a bacteria chest infection. We over prescribe them in surgeries and hospitals (though I think the culture is changing). You can buy them over the counter in Europe. We use tonnes of antimicrobials into animal and crop feeds. .Resistant Aspergillosis is emerging in crops sprayed with antifungals. We have supergonorrhoea. Drug resistant TB is on the rise. It’s a community issue now, not just a hospital one.
      Read and it weep!

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