Nightmare Magazine: People of Colour Destroy Horror

This special edition of Nightmare is now available from and

I’m delighted to be included with a reprint of my short story, “The Show”. For more about this edition see my previous blog post: here.


 Table of Contents

Original Short Stories (edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia)
◾A Diet of Worms — Valerie Valdes
◾Wish You Were Here — Nadia Bulkin
◾None of This Ever Happened — Gabriela Santiago
◾The Taming of the Tongue — Russell Nichols

Reprint Fiction (selected by Tananarive Due)
◾Cruel Sistah — Nisi Shawl
◾The Show — Priya Sharma
◾Wet Pain — Terence Taylor
◾Monstro — Junot Díaz

Author Spotlights (edited by Arley Sorg)
◾Valerie Valdes
◾Nadia Bulkin
◾Gabriela Santiago
◾Russell Nichols
◾Nisi Shawl
◾Priya Sharma
◾Terence Taylor
◾Junot Díaz

Nonfiction (edited by Maurice Broaddus)
◾The H Word: The Darkest, Truest Mirrors — Alyssa Wong
◾Horror is…Not What You Think or Probably Wish It Is — Chesya Burke
◾Terror, Hope, Fascination, and Fear in Filipino Horror — Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
◾Horror, Inside Out — Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
◾The Thing We have to Fear — Chinelo Onwualu
◾Interview: Victor LaValle — Maurice Broaddus
◾Artists Gallery by Reiko Murakami, Kimberly Wengerd, Maggie Chiang, Saïna Six

Illustrations (art direction by Pablo Defendini)
◾Kimberly Wengerd — “A Diet of Worms” by Valerie Valdes
◾Maggie Chiang — “Wish You Were Here” by Nadia Bulkin
◾Saïna Six — “Cruel Sistah” by Nisi Shawl
◾Reiko Murakami — “The Show” by Priya Sharma (cover story)

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