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Short Story Collection with Undertow Publications

I am delighted that Mike Kelly at Undertow Publications (“purveyors of the finest weird fiction and strange tales”) is publishing my short story anthology in March 2018.

You can find more details at Undertow Publications.

Beautiful books by Undertow:


The Asian Writer


Many thanks to Farhana Shaikh, editor of The Asian Writer for featuring me on their website with a short interview about the British Fantasy Awards and a piece called Genre fiction: Is it time to challenge our literary snobbery?

“The Asian Writer is the voice of British Asian writing and is for readers and writers interested in South Asian literature. It is both the online magazine and monthly newsletter and offers new and emerging writers a platform to showcase their fiction.

The Asian Writer offers readers an eclectic approach to South Asian writing through profile interviews, Q&A’s, and reviews. It features the latest news, original comment and thoughts on contemporary South Asian literature and publishing as well as practical advice and inspiration.”

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Magazine giveaway

Albedo One Issue 46

I have three copies of Issue 46 of Albedo One to give away.

It contains fiction by Liz Williams, Bruce McCallister, Claude Lalumiere, Eika Victor, Gary Every, Tim W. Jackson and myself. There are fantasy reviews by Juliet E. Mckenna, SF reviews by George Anderson and interviews with Will McIntosh and Jeffrey Thomas.

The cover art is by Richard Wagner.

Just leave me a message in the comments section if you’re interested and I’ll arrange posting you a copy, even if you’re outside the UK.


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Heiresses of Russ 2016: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction


I am delighted to be included in Heiresses of Russ 2016: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction with my short story “Fabulous Beasts”.

My thanks to Lethe Press editors A.M. Dellamonica and Steve Berman.

This story was originally aquired for by Ellen Datlow.

“The latest volume in the acclaimed Heiresses of Russ series features stories that are anything but invisible: the women in these tales are not hiding and are not easily overlooked but rather are choosing the harder path, the more dangerous route, whether that leads to love or loss or adventure. Included in these pages are stories that have won a World Fantasy Award, a Tiptree Award, and a British Fantasy Award…but every one of these stories chosen by guest editor A.M. Dellamonica (herself an award-winning writer of queer speculative fiction) is emblematic of the new vitality to be found in lesbian-themed tales of wonder, the eerie, and the miraculous.”

From Lethe Press.

Table of Contents:

Grandmother Ley-neylit’s Cloth of Winds by Rose Lemberg
The Occidental Bride by Benjanun Sriduangkaew
The Devil Comes to the Midnight Café by A.C. Wise
And We Were Left Darkling  by Sarah Pinsker
A House of Her Own by Bo Balder
Love in the Time of Markov Processes by Megan Arkenberg
Where Monsters Dance by A. Merc Rustad
Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers by Alyssa Wong
Fabulous Beasts by Priya Sharma
The Wollart Nymphs by Melissa Scott
The New Mother by Eugene Fischer
Eldritch Brown Houses by Claire Humphrey
The Tip of the Tongue by Felicia Davin
Where Can a Broken Glass Mend? by Sonya Taaffe
A Residence for Friendless Ladies by Alice Sola Kim
The Deepwater Bride by Tamsyn Muir
Doubt the Sun by Faith Mudge


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My short story, “Rag and Bone, has been reprinted in XB-1, a Czech magazine of sci-fi, 11_2016a.cdrfantasy and horror. Many thanks to them. I’m very proud to be included and a big shout out to Alistair Rennie who’s also included. He’s a very lovely and knowledgeable writer whom I had the pleasure to meet at Fantasycon by the Sea.

Zahraniční SF:

Vandana Singhová: Sómadéva: Sútra Nebeské řeky (A Sky River Sutra, 2010, překlad Jitka Cardová)

Anil Menon: Do noci (Into the Night, 2008, překlad Jiří Engliš)

Priya Sharma: Hadry, kosti (Rag and Bone, 2013, překlad Ivana Svobodová)

Indrapramit Das: Múzy Šujedanu 18 (The Muses of Shuyedan-18, 2015, překlad Daniela Orlando)

Domácí SF:

Ľudovít Plata: Nevěsta chladného severu

David Šenk: Instantní jogíni, instantní budoucnost

Pavel Urban: Tři kapky denně

Julie Nováková: Spiknutí hrdliček


Dr. Sami Ahmad Khan: Cesta světem indické science fiction

Jan Toman: Život, vesmír a vůbec. Co je vlastně život…

Alistair Rennie: Meč a magie

Tomáš Miklica: Česká filmová fantastika na přelomu věků

Fantastická věda:

Eta-Carinae – hvězda převlečená za supernovu;

Jak přečíst zavřenou knihu; Curiosity pojede objížďkou;

Proč přibývá bílých kosatek


Filmové premiéry; Neon Demon; Želvy ninja 2;

Návštěvníci 3: Revoluce; Železný obr; Klapka!


Čtenáři čtenářům; Tom Perrotta: Pozůstalí;

Sarah J. Maasová: Dvůr trnů a růží;

Neil Smith: Třinácté nebe; Ruth Hatfieldová: Kniha bouří;

František Kotleta: Velké problémy v Malém Vietnamu;

Vladimír Šlechta: Kukaččí mláďata; Christopher Row: Sfinga;

Peter Newman: Tulák; Caroline Wallaceová: Nalezení ztracené Marty;

Nové knihy

Autor obálky: Jan Štěpánek




“The Show” is available as a podcast from the lovely folk at Pseudopod. Listen here.

This short story appeared in Box of Delights, Ed. John Kenny, Aeon Press (2011) and was nightmarethen reprinted in The Best Horror of the Year 4 (2012), Ed. Ellen Datlow, Night Shade Book. It’s now been reprinted this month as part of Nightmare’s special issue People of Colo(u)r DESTROY Horror! Read along with the story over at their site. Listen to two more stories from this issue over on the Nightmare podcast feed, and add it to your podcatcher while you’re at it!

The narrator for “The Show” is Andrea Richardson.

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