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I still have every record I’ve ever bought, even the embarrassing stuff. I rescued them from a cupboard a few years ago and was relieved to find that none had warped from being stored close to the boiler ( shame, shame on me).

I’m not in the  market for either of these but they are things of great beauty.



Mithila Review Issue 9

Issue 9 of Mithila Review, the journal of international science fiction and fantasy, is now Mithila Review Issue 9out.

It contains interviews, roundtable discussions, reviews, essays and poetry.

I am proud to be included with a reprint of “Blonde”, a story which originally appeared in Interzone (Issue 260 / Sept 2015). I’m also part of the roundtable on Women in Colour in Speculative Fiction alongside S.B Divya, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Shveta Thakrar, Mimi Mondal and Isha Karki

Read “Blonde”  and Women of Color in Speculative Fiction online.

Down epub/mobi of the entire issue at:

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