I still have every record I’ve ever bought, even the embarrassing stuff. I rescued them from a cupboard a few years ago and was relieved to find that none had warped from being stored close to the boiler ( shame, shame on me).

I’m not in the  market for either of these but they are things of great beauty.



5 thoughts on “vinyl

  1. owlwoman says:

    Wow – amazing turntables! Wow to keeping your entire record collection, too. I sincerely regret selling so much of my vinyl. Have you bought any recently? I have a couple of lovely, heavy-weight LPs from recent times – I can’t play them, but the artwork was done by a dear friend, so they were well worth getting.

    • They’re lovely, aren’t they? I’ve lugged my record collection about me with from student digs to hospital accommodation. It’s like a diary of my life. I’ve bought some LPs at gigs over the last few years. Nothing beats the thrill of gatefold packaging. Do you remember when buying a record was a ritual? You’d take it home and sit and listen from start to finish because it was a big purchase and you didn’t want to miss a single note.
      What’s the thing you would buy back if you could?

      • owlwoman says:

        Yes, yes, yes to all of that! I rarely buy downloads, as there’s no waiting, no anticipation, involved. And a thumbnail size travesty of the artwork.

        Of everything I’ve sold – I’d probably be most keen on getting the Crass albums back (I still have some singles of theirs). They all had big, fold out sleeves with lyrics and Gee Vaucher’s amazing art on them. Wonderful! 🙂

  2. David Noone says:

    A good few of mine ‘disappeared’ over the course of my last two moves – wasn’t particularly happy about that I have to say

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