“The Ballad of Boomtown”


“The Ballad of Boomtown” is now up in its entirety on the Nightmare website. This was originally published in Black Static magazine in 2012. Read it for free here.

Thanks to both John Joseph Adams of Nightmare and Andy Cox of TTA Press.

The entire issue of Nightmare is available to purchase for just $2.99, and an annual subscription is just $23.88/year.


It’s estimated that in 2011 there were 2,881 semi or unoccupied housing developments in Ireland.

There was a time when we put our faith in euros, shares and the sanctity of brick. A time when we bought our books from stores as big as barns and ate strawberries from Andalusia, when only a generation before, they’d been grown on farms up the road.

The wide avenues of Boomtown were named for trees when there was grand optimism for growth. Now nothing booms in Boomtown. It’s bust and broken.

I miss you. You were a lick of cream. I can still taste you.

-The Ballad of Boomtown

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