The Best of British Fantasy 2018 Edited by Jared Shurin

I am very proud to be included in NewCon Press‘s Best British Fantasy 2018 edited by Jared Shurin with a reprint of A Son of the Sea, a story original to my collection.

Editor Jared Shurin spread his net wide to discover the very best work published by British and British-based authors in 2018, whittling down the nearly 200 stories under consideration to just 21 selected (22 in the hardback edition) and two poems. These stories range from traditional sword and sorcery to contemporary fantasy, written by a mix of established fantasy authors, new voices, and those who are not usually associated with genre fiction. The result is a wonderfully diverse anthology of high quality tales.

ToCThe Best of British Fantasy 2018

Introduction by Jared Shurin
There’s a Witch in the Word Machine – Jenni Fagan
We Are Now Beginning Our Descent – Malcolm Devlin
The Dance of a Thousand Cuts – Liam Hogan
A Son of the Sea – Priya Sharma
To Look Upon His Works – RJ Barker
12 Answers Only You Can Question – James Warner
The Woman Who Turned Into Soap – Harkiran Dhindsa
Mushroom Speed Boosts – Ben Reynolds
The Guile – Ian McDonald
We Can Make Something Grow Between The Mushrooms And The Snow – Kirsty Logan
The Moss Child – Lisa Fransson
Boys – Lizzie Hudson
The Farm at the World’s End – Helen McClory
The Prevaricator – Matthew Hughes
The Small Island – Heather Parry
A Gift of Tongues – Paul McQuade
Velocity – Steph Swainston
Counting the Pennies – Rhys Hughes
The Councillor’s Visit – Beth Goddard
Yard Dog – Tade Thompson
Dark Shells – Aliya Whiteley
Coruvorn – Reggie Oliver
The Godziliad – Adam Roberts
[Underground – Archie Black] In the limited edition hardback only

Launch Info from NewCon Press

On the afternoon of Saturday 1st June, 2019, NewCon Press will be hosting a Fantasy Fan-Dingo, unveiling two fabulous new anthologies, Best of British Fantasy 2018 (edited by Jared Shurin) and Legends 3: Stories in Honour of David Gemmell.

The party will be in the upstairs function room at The Star of Kings, starting at 1.00 pm. There will be free wine, there will be free beer, and a bar once they run out. There will also be a Scribble of Writers (there’s no official collective noun for a group of authors, but this one appeals to me).


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