Amazon Best Books of the Month: SF & F

My novella, ‘Ormeshadow’ is listed in Amazon’s Best SFF for October 2019. Nope, I don’t believe it either.

The official release date is 15th October 2019.

Amazon Best SFF Oct 2019

Anthony R. Cardno kindly reviewed Ormshadow over on his blog:

Priya Sharma’s Ormeshadow is of that particular type of fantasy wherein the reader wonders if the fantasy aspect actually exists at all or is completely in the characters’ minds. It’s hard to walk that “is it real or isn’t it” line without confirming one way or the other and still satisfy the reader; Priya Sharma pulls it off magnificently, putting me often in mind of one of my favorite fantasy novels (and possibly one of my favorite novels of any genre), Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman’s The Fall of the Kings. Even after two re-readings of Ormeshadow, I find myself happily vacillating as to whether the fantasy element, especially the story’s denouement, is real or the product of the main character’s fevered and wishing mind.

Read his full review.



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4 thoughts on “Amazon Best Books of the Month: SF & F

  1. OMGosh, that’s awesome, both the Amazon news and the fab review.

  2. Maura McHugh says:

    I’m so pleased for you! Congratulations!

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