Disturbing the Body

“Disturbing the Body” is the new anthology from Boudicca Press.

It’s a collection of speculative autobiography centred around experiences of misbehaving bodies from women writers in the UK. It explores themes ranging from chronic illnesses, disability and major life changing operations, and puts before the reader moments where women can feel powerless and out of the ordinary from their own bodies.

Verity Holloway approached Boudicca Press back in 2019 with an idea for the anthology following her scrape with a life changing operation. Verity, author of “Pseudotooth”, “Beauty Secrets of the Martyrs” and “The Mighty Healer”, started writing about her perception of pain in intensive care following her experience with open-heart surgery.  After speaking with Georgina Bruce of This House of Wounds and Louise Kenward, artist and writer with a background in the NHS, working as a psychologist and psychotherapist, she discovered that they had all written creative non-fiction pieces in response to illness. Read more about her Verity’s experience here.

An annoucement of the authors involved is coming soon and the project is being funded via Kickstarter, with 12 days left. Rewards include a £10 Body and Memoir Writing Workshop with Verity Holloway (only 6 left though). Here’s the link if you’re interested in making a pledge.

Boudicca Press is an independent publisher who celebrates the strength, courage and literary talents of women. They publish weird, literary fiction and non-fiction by women in the UK. It’s run by freelance writer, editor and workshop leader, Nici West.




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