The Sinister Horror Company’s Advent Calendar

Justin Park of The Sinister Horror Company had tried to spread some Christmas cheer for horror fans with an advent calendar of microfiction. As it’s been a dire year, he’s running the calendar to the end of December. If you’ve met him you’ll know his devotion to the horror genre is absolute. 

The writers so far are Tracy Fahey, Lex H. Jones, Penny Jones, Chad A. Clark, Em Dehaney, Matt Boultby, James Jobling, C. L. Raven, Lily Childs, John McNee, Andrew Freudenberg, J. R. Park, David Watkins, Lydian Faust, Pippa Pilgrim, Matt Shaw, James Everington, Nick Stead, Marie O’Regan, J. L. George, K. M. Edwards, Benedict J. Jones, C.M. Franklyn, and Paul Kane.

Justin has posted two stories as it’s Christmas Day- mine and Jonathan Butcher’s. It was a bit of a challenge for me as I don’t normally write short short fiction.

My story is about Mari Lwyd.



The video is a look at this ancient folklore tradition and the people who keep it alive. Directed, Produced and Edited: Jordan M Paterson & Matt Adams

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