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Spanish Translation of All The Fabulous Beasts

I am delighted that Pulpture Ediciones will soon release the Spanish edition of my collection, “All The Fabulous Beasts”, which was first published by Undertow Publications in 2018.

Pulpture Ediciones is a Madrid based independent publishing house run by Jorge Plana and Christina Miguel.

“All The Fabulous Beasts” was translated to Spanish by Sofia Barker.

Pulture Ediciones have previouly republished one of my short stories, “Fabulous Beasts”, in a mini-anthology called “Dos Pieles” (Two Skins).

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Ormeshadow arrives in France

Je suis ravie que Ormeshadow soit maintenant disponible en français, aux éditions du Bélial’. Un immense merci aux éditeurs Olivier Girard et Erwann Perchoc, à la traductrice Anne-Sylvie Homassel et à l’illustrateur Aurélien Police, qui, par leur travail, ont permis à ce livre d’exister en France.

I’m delighted that the Ormeshadow is now available in French from Éditions du Bélial‘ . My huge thanks to editors Olivier Girard and Erwann Perchoc, translator Ann-Sylie Homassel, and cover artist Aurélien Police for all their hard work in bringing this book to life in France.

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Beyond the Veil

It’s wonderful to be included in “Beyond the Veil”, edited by Mark Morris, and available from Flame Tree Press later this year.
The God Bag by Christopher Golden
Caker’s Man by Matthew Holmes
The Beechfield Miracles by Priya Sharma
Clockwork by Dan Coxon
Soapstone by Aliya Whiteley
The Dark Bit by Toby Litt
Provenance Pond by Josh Malerman
For All The Dead by Angeline B. Adams and Remco van Straten
The Girl In The Pool by Bracken MacLeod
Nurse Varden by Jeremy Dyson
If, Then by Lisa L. Hannett
Aquarium Ward by Karter Mycroft
A Mystery For Julie Chu by Stephen Gallagher
Away Day by Lisa Tuttle
Polaroid And Seaweed by Peter Harness
Die Geisterbahnhod by Lynda E. Rucker
Arnie’s Ashes by JOhn Everson
A Brief Tour Of The Night by Nathan Ballingrud
The Care And Feeding OF Household Gods by Frank J. Oreto
Yellowback by Gemma Files
‘By their very nature, horror stories should shine a light on our darkest fears and taboos. If you’re coming to BEYOND THE VEIL with the hope of experiencing nothing more than a few cosy and familiar chills, therefore, I’m afraid you’re in for a rude awakening. The stories in this anthology are confrontational. They are about things that truly disturb us; things that prey on our minds. Most horror stories stem from a loss of control, and that’s certainly true of many of the characters and situations you will encounter in these pages. As ever, there is something for everyone here: there are monsters both human and otherworldly; there are shifting realities; childhood nightmares; dark magics conjured by desperation and despair. As human beings we kid ourselves that we have a semblance of control over our lives, our circumstances, our environment, our health… but it doesn’t take much for that control to be wrested from us, and for the rug to be wrenched violently out from under our feet. And that is the essence of true horror.’ – Mark Morris
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