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Todas Las Bestias Fabulosas Interview

I was delighted to be a guest on Noviembre Nocturno‘s podcast for the launch of the Spanish edition of “All The Fabulous Beasts”.

Chris Miguel and Laura Martín Rivera of publisher Pulpture Ediciones were there. Sofia Barker, who translated the book, acted as translator. Noviembre Nocturno’s lovely host was Alberto Martinez ( who is a screnwriter, narrator and sound editor).

My thanks to them all for their hard week in making the event work. You can listen here:

Buy Todas Las Bestias Fabulosas

Todas Las Bestias Fabulosas: Digital Launch

The Spanish edition of “All The Fabulous Beasts” has its digital launch on Saturday 26th June at 5pm in Spain (4pm UK time).

My thanks to Chris Miguel, editor at publisher Pulpture Ediciones, and to Sofia Barker who translated the book and will act an intepreter for me.

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Todas Las Bestias Fabulosas

“All the Fabulous Beasts” is out in Spain.

You can order it from Pulpture Ediciones.

My thanks to the team at Pulpture and translator Sofia Barker for working in this during a very difficult year xxx

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