Beyond the Veil

I’m delighted to be included in Beyond the Veil, the second non-themed horror anthology edited by Mark Morris and published by Flame Tree Publishing.

It’s a superb line up that includes work by Josh Malerman, Aliya Whitely, Jeremy Dyson, Nathan Ballingrud, Lynda Rucker, Gemma Files, Angeline B. Adams & Remco van Straton, Dan Coxon, Toby Litt, John Everson, Stephen Gallgher, Christopher Golden, Lisa L. Hannett, Peter Harness, Matthew Holmes, Bracken MacLoud, Karter Mycroft, Frank J. Oreto, and Lisa Tuttle.

My story is called “The Beechfield Miracles”.

Brexit Britain. Blackout Britain. Britain on the brink. Our United Kingdom is divided. Democracy broken by coalitions and divisions. This small island has made waves. There’s no backstop for the ripples.

Bad times breed despair and prophets. Soap-box messiahs and evangelists are springing up all over. They’re the drug of choice in some quarters. Not everywhere though. A street preacher was stoned to death in Crewe. Another nearly drowned when locals baptised him in the Tyne. -The Beechfield Miracles

It’s available from 19th October 2021 in hardback, paperback, and ebook.

Buy direct from Flame Tree Publishing.

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