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Guy Gee’s Terence Stamp Project

Guy Gee is a design artist who has worked for brands like Cadbury and Marks & Spencer designing and building sets for adverts. In 2018 he started his own studio.

I had a philatelist father and while I’m not a collector I love stamps as miniature pieces of design. As such I adore Guy Gee’s Terence Stamp series.

Surprisingly, Gee has little interest in stamp collecting in the traditional sense but having stumbled across a Japanese stamp from the 1890s an obsession quickly set in. The “Terence Stamp” project had begun: the reimagining of postage stamps by digital revision and enlargement. The commissions and requests that followed soon covered stamps from other countries around the world. Almost four years later Gee has now worked with the stamps of over 100 nations, islands and cities. In 2021 he was approached by Stanley Gibbons, “the home of stamp collecting”, for a collaboration; reproducing the world’s most expensive postage stamp – the One Cent Magenta – which they had recently purchased at Sotheby’s New York for $8.3million.

Guy Gee’s website

To read more about Guy Gee and his work on his website.