The Art of Ravi Amar Zupa

Ravi Zupa considers books the best way to experience art. He has spent decades studying books about the art, mythology, religion, and history of cultures from across geography and time. Entirely self-taught, Zupa looks to works by German Renaissance printmakers, Flemish primitives, abstract expressionists, Japanese woodblock artists, and Mughal painters for inspiration. He also frequently incorporates religious iconography from Europe, Asia, and Pre-Columbian Latin America with revolutionary propaganda from around the world. With a distaste for ironic art or the thoughtless appropriation of culture, he integrates seemingly unrelated images in search of something universal. Zupa does not create any of his art digitally; everything comes from his own hand.

From Ravi’s Website

I love these, especially the print of Hanuman. It’s from a story from The Ramayana. When Lakshmana lay dying from battle wounds, his only hope was a herb that grew in the Himalayas.Being so swift, Hanuman was sent to fetch it. Unsure of what plant to bring, Hanuman brought back the entire mountain, saving his friend.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Ravi Amar Zupa

  1. Maura McHugh says:

    Theyare all fantastic!

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