Screams from the Dark Edited by Ellen Datlow

Ellen Datlow’s anthology of monsters and the monstrous is now out in paperback.

It’s available for the next 2 days at 25% off on pre-orders from Barnes & Noble.

Contributors include: Ian Rogers, Fran Wilde, Gemma Files, Daryl Gregory, Brian Hodge, Joyce Carol Oates, Indrapramit Das, Siobhan Carroll, Richard Kadrey, Norman Partridge, Garry Kilworth, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Chikodili Emelumadu, Glen Hirshberg, A. C. Wise, Stephen Graham Jones, Kaaron Warren, Livia Llewellyn, Carole Johnstone, Margo Lanagan, Joe R. Lansdale, Brian Evenson, Nathan Ballingrud, Cassandra Khaw, Laird Barron, Kristi DeMeester, Jeffrey Ford, and John Langan.

I’m delighted to be included in the collection with “The Ghost of a Flea”, my short story about William Blake.

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A huge thanks to Las Escritoras De Urras for translating my short story “Feral” into Spanish (written and audio!)

The story originally appeared in The Porcupine Boy & Other Anthological Oddities, edited by Christopher M. Jones (Crossroad Press, 2019).

This was translated by the wonderful Sofia Barker.

Read/listen online.

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Pomegranates ebook

Available on ebook for £2.99 from PS Publishing

Purchase from PS Publishing

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The Year’s Best Fantasy Vol. 2, edited by Paula Guran

Paula Guran, editor and anthologist, has annouced her line up for The Year’s Best Fantasy, Volume 2.

I am grateful to be included with “The Short History of My Mother”. This story was written for Writers Mosaic and appeared their Fantasy and Science Fiction guest edition Sufficiently Advanced Magic, edited by Vassili Christodoulou.

Paula’s full line up:

  • “The Miraculous Account of Khaja Bairaq, Pennant-Saint of Zabel”, Tanvir Ahmed (Strange Horizons 7/18/2022)
  • “The Part You Throw Away”, Elizabeth Bear (The Sunday Morning Transport 9/4/2022)
  • “At the Foot of the Dragon Stair”, Aliette de Bodard (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #350)
  • “The Book of Unwritten Poems”, Curtis C. Chen (The Sunday Morning Transport 6/19/2022)
  • “March Magic”, WC Dunlap (Africa Risen, eds. S. R. Thomas, O. D. Ekpeki, Z. Knight)
  • “The Hunger”, James Enge (F&SF May/June 2022)
  • “The Daily Commute”, Sarah Gailey (The Sunday Morning Transport 7/10/2022)
  • “To Make Unending”, Max Gladstone (The Sunday Morning Transport 1/9/2022)
  • “Pellargonia: A Letter to the Journal of Imaginary Anthropology”, Theodora Goss (Lost Worlds & Mythological Kingdoms, ed. J. J. Adams)
  • “A Record of Our Meeting with the Grand Faerie Lord of Vast Space and Its Great Mysteries, Revised”, A.T. Greenblatt (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #350)
  • “The Massage Lady at Munjeong Road Bathhouse,” Isabel J. Kim (Clarkesworld 2/22)
  • “Kings and Popes and Saints”, Jon Hansen (Apex #133)
  • “Roadside Attraction”, Alix E. Harrow (Someone in Time: Tales of Time-Crossed Romance, ed. Jonathan Strahan)
  • “Love Heart Soup”, Wen-yi Lee (Augur 5.1)
  • “The Goldfish Man”, Maureen McHugh (Uncanny #45)
  • “Potemora in the Triad”, Sara S. Messenger (Fantasy #80)
  • “Sun in an Empty Room”, Sam J. Miller (Boys, Beasts & Men)
  • “The Deification of Igodo”, Joshua Uchenna Omenga (Africa Risen, eds. S. R. Thomas, O. D. Ekpeki, Z. Knight)
  • “Earth Dragon, Turning”, Anya Ow (Uncanny #49)
  • “The Gentle Dragon Tells His Tale of Love”, J. A. Pak (F&SF Jan/Feb 2022)
  • “The Long View”, Susan Palwick (
  • “3 A.M. Eternal”, Eden Royce (Worlds of Possibility 10/2022)
  • “Readings in the Slantwise Sciences”, Sofia Samatar (Conjunctions 79)
  • “Le Sorcier de Lascaux”, Douglas Schwarz (F&SF Sep/Oct 2022)
  • “The Short History of My Mother”, Priya Sharma (Sufficiently Advanced Magic, ed. Vassili Christodoulou)
  • “The Portal Keeper”, Lavie Tidhar (Uncanny #48)
  • “Phoenix Tile”, Guan Un (khōréō 2.1)
  • “Songs We Sing at Sea are the Lies We Tell Ourselves”, Kaaron Warren (Looming Low 2, ed. J. Steele)

About Paula Guran:

Editor, anthologist, and reviewer Paula Guran has edited more than 50 science fiction, fantasy, and horror anthologies and more than 50 novels and collections featuring the same. She was senior editor for Prime Books for seven years. Previously, she edited the Juno fantasy imprint from its small press inception through its incarnation as an imprint of Pocket Books. Guran edits the annual Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror series (first ten volumes with Prime; now published by Pyr). (See Books for a list of anthologies, novels, and collections edited.) In an earlier life, she produced weekly email newsletter DarkEcho (winning two Stokers, an IHG award, and a World Fantasy Award nomination), edited Horror Garage (earning another IHG and a second World Fantasy nomination), and has contributed reviews, interviews, and articles to numerous professional publications. The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror, Volume 2 was nominated for a World Fantasy Award in 2022. Guran currently reviews for Locus Magazine. She lives in Akron, Ohio, near enough to her grandchildren to frequently be indulgent.

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I am delighted that this book is finally here!

It’s part of the Absinthe range, edited by Marie O’Regan, for PS Publishing.

The cover art is by my friend, the talented Jeffrey Alan Love.

History’s just a story that loses nothing in the telling.
There’s no point explaining my story to the majority of
the dead. People are as self-obsessed in death as they are in life. More
so. They shuffle around in a vague approximation of what they
were. I tried to talk to them, but all a dead baker wants to discuss is
the price of flour. They’ve learnt nothing from dying.
I want to talk to you though, Bear. I want to tell you everything.


Info/purchase link

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Absinthe Launch

I’m am so excited to meet M.R. Carey and Louise Carey next week at the launch of Absinthe’s next novellas. Also the other Absinthe authors who will be in attendance – Cavan Scott, George Mann, Jen Williams and Laura Mauro.

The Absinthe range is edited by Marie O’Regan and is part of PS Publishing.

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Locus Fundraiser

Locus do hugely valuble work for the genre community, supporting artists, writers, film makers, publishers, editors, and reviewers.

They’re raising funds to ensure their work continues. Their campaign includes rewards such as subscriptions, signed books, tuckerisation, chats with authors, story critiques, query letter reviews, and art prints, to name a few. These will be released in tranches. I’ve donated an “act of whimsy”.

Read More here:



Sign sheets for the limited edition

My new novella is out in December from PS Publishing.

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Sufficiently Advanced Magic at WritersMosaic


WritersMosaic, an initiative of the Royal Literary Fund, is an online platform for new writing from a mosaic of literary voices and cultures across the UK.The platform showcases writer profiles through authored talks, creative exchanges and interviews, using images and illustrations, commissioned by an editorial team of writers who bring their own blend of curiosity, excitement and deep cultural and critical engagement.

The informal, multi-voiced, writer-to-writer recordings are complemented by themed Guest editions from leading publishers, writers, editors, thinkers and artists who reflect on their own thematic interests and insights across genres of literature and introduce us to new developments.


I am be involved in the SF and Fantasy themed guest edition of WritersMosaic, edited by Vassili Christodoulou. I am proud to be featured alongside some stellar names with my short story “The short history of my mother”.

Read the entire edition here.

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