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All the Fabulous Beasts

Mike Kelly of Undertow Publications has been terrific to work with. One part of the process I’ve particularly enjoyed is helping him to pick the cover artwork for “All the Fabulous Beasts”.

Messages went back and forth between us as we scoured the internet, and both of us are very happy with the final choice for the trade paperback edition.

The artist is Hiroko Shiina, known as C7-Shiina, who is a graduate from Toyko Design Gakuin College.

Her intricate work is picked out in muted tones, painted in ink, acrylic, watercolours and sometimes coffee.

I love the detail of C7-Shiina’s art, which forces me to look again and again at the different elements within it. She repeats her dark themes of reduced anatomies, tattooed flesh, fetishism, of death and unfolding wings, opium poppies and transformation, the primordial forms of embryos and decorated foetal skulls, masked lovers and the black gloves of a killer.

My thanks to her.





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