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Come Join Us By The Fire

NIGHTFIRE, a new horror imprint that will join Tor, Forge, Tor Teen, Starscape, and Tor.com Publishing as part of Tom Doherty Associates, has announced an exclusive audio project in conjunction with Google Play Books.

COME JOIN US BY THE FIRE is NIGHTFIRE’s audio-only horror anthology of 35 short stories available to download as free individual audiobooks or to call up with a voice command on your Android phone or Google Assistant-enabled smart speakers, like Google Home, via the Google Play Books app. To try it out, just say “Hey Google, read me ‘This Guy’ by Chuck Wendig”—one of the many titles available.

I am totally thrilled to be part of this with my story, “The Anatomist’s Mnemonic”, and am excited to see what NIGHTFIRE will do next.

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