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Back issues of Alt Hist on sale

If you’re interested in alternative history, eBook back issues of Mark Lord’s magazine Alt Hist are now available until the end of May 2015 for only $3.99 rather than $6.99. Also, Issue 1 is currently a free eBook at most online retailers.

To find links for each issue of Alt Hist simply visit the How to Get Your Alt Hist page or go to Amazon, Kobo, iBooks etc and do a quick search on Alt Hist.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in Issue 1 with “The Bitterness of Apples”, Issue 2 with “The Orchid Hunters”, Issue 5 with “After Mary” and Issue 7 with “The Red Vortex”.

issue 1 Alt Histissue 2 Alt Histalt-hist-issue-3-front-cover[1]51g6xpsy5xl-_ss500_-e1338375489688[1]

Alt Hist Issue 5alt-hist-issue-6-front-cover-smaller-copy[1]Alt Hist Issue 7


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Extract: The Red Vortex

Alt Hist Issue 7issue 1 Alt HistAn extract from my short story,  “The Red Vortex”,can be found on the Alt Hist website. It was included in Issue 7 which is still available.

You can also get Issue 1 of Alt Hist for free here. It contains work by David W. Landrum, Rob McClure Smith, Andrew Knighton, Arlan Andrews, Ian Sales and my story, “The Bitterness of Apples”.

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Alt Hist Issue 7

Issue 7 of Alt Hist, the magazine of historical fiction and alternative history, is now available.

It’s the biggest issue so far and contains seven new stories, including two parts of the Battalion 202 series from Jonathan Doering. My thanks to Mark Lord, editor, for including me.

Table of contents:Alt Hist Issue 7

The Vivisectionist’s Daughter by Jason Kahn

Cold Flesh by Andrew Knighton

The Independence Day by Pavel Nikiforovitch

Heff in Dearborn by Michael Fertik

Battalion 202: The Sheep and the Goats by Jonathan Doering

Set Britain Ablaze by Jonathan Doering

The Red Vortex by Priya Sharma


You can purchase eBook and Print copies from:

Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk | Barnes & Noble

And eBook copies from:

Smashwords | Kobo | iBooks


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