The Dark Ark

This story appeared on the TTA Press’ 2014 Advent Calendar.

The Angel, Lucifer, begged the Lord but the Lord said to him that the wickedness in the hearts of men and the corruption of their flesh must be cleansed and for this He would send a great flood.

Lucifer cried for those doomed to die in the Lord’s judgement and took pity on them for he was weak, where the Lord was strong. He sought out Cain, descendant of the slayer of Abel and ordered him to build an ark of gopher wood. Its dimensions were far greater than those given to Noah by our Lord and it was furnished for a long journey. Lucifer told Cain the sign that he would send to mark the time for their return to land.

Lucifer asked Cain to bring his wife and children onto the ark to be the keepers of all those that God had sought to destroy. Cain went into the world and brought back a pair of each kind.

There were men and women twisted beyind all recognition by their heinous desires and their voracious appetites. Some ate human flesh. Some walked only by night and fed on blood. Others were wolves at the fullest moon. There were creatures that bore the wings of eagles and the claws of dragons. Some crawled on their bellies and had serpents for hair. Others belonged to the dark earth and had no eyes. Every manner of creature and crime were represented.

They went in two by two, this parade of horrors.

The heavens opened and a great deluge, lasting forty days and nights, cleansed the earth. None that walked upon it survived. The winds rose and the ark tossed to and fro in the mighty swell.

When it ceased and the sun was no longer covered by clouds they came on deck and watched the waters drain away. They cried for Cain to let them walk upon the land that was revealed but he had taken Lucifer’s words to heart. The dark ark stayed at sea.

Time lay heavy in the ark and all manner of wickedness was performed there. Even Lucifer turned his face away in shame. And still the dark ark stayed at sea.

Cain waited until there were metal birds high in the sky for this was the sign promised by Lucifer. He steered the ark towards land.

They saw huge bridges and mighty towers, greater than any in Babylon. And Cain knew it was time to let the children whom the Lord had forsaken to walk upon the earth again; the bastard sons and daughters of the unnatural lusts of man and woman and monsters and murderers.

For it was long enough time for the Lord and Lucifer to have forgotten them and also for the Lord and Lucifer to have been forgotten in the hearts and minds of men.

And so they went onto the land and into the great city.

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