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I live and work in the UK. I started writing in 2004 and was drawn to speculative fiction. I have a computer but prefer a fountain pen and a notebook.

As you can see, I’m not very good about writing about myself. I’d much rather be writing about someone else.

My Pinterest page is priyasharma1

My Instagram page is priyasharma1000

My current official bio reads:

Priya Sharma’s fiction has appeared in venues such as InterzoneBlack Static, Nightmare, The Dark and  “Fabulous Beasts” was a Shirley Jackson Award finalist and won a British Fantasy Award for Short Fiction. Priya is a Shirley Jackson Award and British Fantasy Award winner,  and Locus Award finalist,  for “All the Fabulous Beasts”, a collection of her some of her work, available from Undertow Publications. “Ormeshadow”, her first novella (available from Tor), won a Shirley Jackson Award and a British Fantasy Award. It was a 2022 Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire finalist. Her stories have been translated into Spanish, French, Italian, Czech, and Polish.

All the photos used in the headers are her own.

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My agent is Alexander Cochran of C&W, Haymarket House, 28-29 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4SP, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 20 7393 4200

20 thoughts on “Bio & Contact

  1. Priya, thanks for following my blog. Big fan of your work. We were both in Aeon Press’ Box of Delights. Loved your story there.

    • Thanks very much, John. Have you recovered from your superflu?

      • Sorry. Didn’t see this for quite a while. Yes, recovered from the superflu, got caught up in renovations to the house so we can sell it, and then promptly got two weeks of the common cold. Urgh. Thanks for asking. So glad to hear about your stories picked up by the Datlow and Guran collections. Congratulations and well deserved!

  2. Dear Priya, could you be so kind and contact with me on given e-mail? I am interested in the translation of one of your stories into Polish. Best wishes, Miroslaw

  3. owlwoman says:

    Excellent photos! And I think you really should write more about yourself. As a fellow writer, I’m inspired by the story notes being a permanent part of the website – I’ve only done them as a blog entry. Perhaps I should change this – I find notes/motivation/inspiration for writing as interesting as the stories!

    • Thanks Julie! I am hopeless about writing about myself. You could learn more about me from reading my story notes than my bio!! It’s funny because I was thinking the other day about making the story notes blog entries re than permanent pages, so thanks for the feedback. Like you, I like it when you read a novel, for example, and there’s an interview with the author in the back that references their inspiration and process.
      As to the photos- I’m a bit of a snapper and get a lot of inspiration from looking at images and paintings.

      • owlwoman says:

        I’ll read the interview before I read the book when there’s an author interview included. And I’ll be working on story notes for a lot more of my published work as a permanent page on my site, thanks to you!

  4. Gary Couzens says:

    Hi Priya, great to meet you at Fantasycon this weekend!

    • Gary!!! Sorry it’s taken me a bit to reply. It’s taken me this long to recover. It was great to meet you too- thank you fr being so friendly and welcoming to a newbie. All the best and hope to see you again, Priya

  5. Hi Priya – thought I’d say hello and how great it was to meet you at Fantasycon this weekend. And as you’ve not Facebook I’ll do it here… Your reading was great. Hope to see you around at another con or event soon… 🙂

  6. Ximena says:

    God, I just read The Anatomist’s Mnemonic in my doctor’s waiting room and I screamed at the end. It made me dizzy. You are incredible, I hope you have all the success you deserve.

  7. A great recommendation for a very troubling story. Having read it, I can see why it provoked such a reaction in this setting…

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  9. […] own stories. And after that? Well, I’m pleased to announce that I have been hired by the fabulous Priya Sharma to record one of her stories: Mari Llwyd. I will share details as to how you can hear it once Priya […]

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