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Dreamland: Other Stories

At heart, Dreamland is an elemental feminine landscape.

These twenty-one stories from female-identifying writers embody the disconnect between reality and the subconscious, the desire for meaning and the need for escape, the too-blue sky and the abyss.

These are voices that embrace the topography of the other: the weird, transgressive, uncanny and strange. Voices that displace, unsettle and unnerve, that are subtly subversive in their power.

From the Black Shuck Books website

Dreamland: Other Storiesis available from Black Shuck Books on August 26th 2021

Thanks to editor Sophie Essex and Black Shuck Books’ Steve Shaw for including me. My story was initially part of the The Sinsiter Horror Company’s online advent calendar in December 2020. You can find out a little more about it here.

Table of Contents:

‘Nectar’ by Kirsty Logan
‘Grimmer House’ by Taylor Sykes
‘Of the Ways’ by P J Richards
‘Not Just Museums’ by Sam Hicks
‘Fill the Thickened Lung with Breath’ by C A Yates
‘The Stone Lion’ by Catherine Adams
‘Inert Alight’ by Selina Lock
‘Pain is a Liar’ by Giselle Leeb
‘Becoming Home’ by Charlotte Bond
‘The Geminated’ by Eygló Karlsdóttir
‘Shared Endorphins’ by Emily Castles
‘Girls’ Night Out’ by Teika Marija Smits
‘The Night Parade’ by Laura Mauro
‘Homecoming’ by Rosalie Parker
‘Sea Heart’ by Jo M Thomas
‘Mari Lwyd’ by Priya Sharma
‘Footnotes to the Travel Guide’ by Nicole M Wolverton
‘Violet Green’ by Rachel Knightley
‘To Pray at Your Temple’ by Penny Jones
‘The Fall of Pan’ by Julie Ann Rees
‘Sky Eyes’ by Julie Travis

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