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“The Slista” by Stephen Laws

You must be gud, says Svival. You must be gud, or The Slista will come get you.

“The Slista” by Stephen Laws first appeared in The Spectral Book of Horror Stories, edited by Mark Morris. It divided reviewers. Those who didn’t like it were nonplussed by its brevity and butchered English.

When Stephen Laws read the story at the launch of Best British Horror 2015, Johnny Mains introduced it as an instant classic. I thought it was wonderful. As much a performance piece as a great bit of writing. Read it aloud if you’re struggling with it on the page, preferably in a Geordie accent. It has its own rhythm and poetry.

As to the tale itself, it’s about love and family, horrible and warm all at once. Its economy is one of its strengths.

And if Stephen Laws ever considers selling this as a podcast I’d certainly buy it for the joy of hearing him read it again.

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Best British Horror 2015 launch at Waterstones, Covent Garden

Best British Horror 2015 Launch at WaterstonesJohnny Mains launched “Best British Horror 2015” at Waterstones, Covent Garden on Friday 17th July.

There were readings by Reece Shearsmith, Alison Moore, John Llewellyn Probert, Johnny Mains, myself and Stephen Laws.

I had an absolute blast and want to thank Johnny for including me and everyone for being so friendly and welcoming. Thank you. Thank you so much.

L to R: me, Thana Niveau, Lynda E. Rucker, Laura Mauro and V.H. Leslie

L to R: Me, Thana Niveau, Lynda E. Rucker, Laura Mauro and V.H. Leslie

Photo courtesy of Thana Niveau, taken by Phil Sloman.

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Best British Horror 2015 Edited by Johnny Mains

Best British Fantasy 2015, edited by Johnny Mains and published by Salt is now available.

Best British Horror 2015With stories from: Steven J. Dines, Helen Grant, Christopher Harman, Andrew Hook, Jane Jakeman, Graham Joyce, Stephen Laws, Alison Littlewood, Rebecca Lloyd, Helen Marshall, Gary McMahon, Alison Moore, Rosalie Parker, Sara Pascoe, John Llewellyn Probert, R.B. Russell, Mark Samuels, Priya Sharma, Reece Shearsmith, Lisa Tuttle, Simon Kurt Unsworth and Conrad Williams.

‘Johnny Mains is an admirable figure, the Herbert van Thal of our age’ – The Independent

‘Mains is the Minister For Horror’ – Charlie Higson

Thanks to Johnny for including me in the line-up with a story called “The Rising Tide” which appeared in Terror Tales of Wales, which was edited by Paul Finch.

It can be published directly from Salt  and currently at Amazon.co.uk.

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Best British Horror 2015 Edited by Johnny Mains

Johnny Mains has just released the table of contents for Best British Horror 2015, published by Salt.

Shaddertown by Conrad Williams Best British Horror 2015
Quarry Hogs by Jane Jakeman
Random Flight by Rosalie Parker
A Spider Remember By Sara Pascoe
Eastmouth by Alison Moore
Learning the Language by John Llewellyn Probert
Reunion by Rebecca Lloyd
The Third Time by Helen Grant
Drowning in Air by Andrew Hook
Alistair by Mark Samuels
In the Year of Omens by Helen Marshall
Apple Pie and Sulphur by Christopher Harman
On Ilkley Moore by Alison Littlewood
The Broken and the Unmade by Steven J Dines
Only Bleeding by Gary McMahon
The Night Porter by Ray Russell
Something Sinister in Sunlight by Lisa Tuttle
Summerside by Alison Moore
Private Ambulance by Simon Kurt Unsworth
The Rising Tide by Priya Sharma
The Slista by Stephen Laws
Dog by Reece Shearsmith

I am made up to be included, so thanks to Johnny Mains and to Paul Finch who included “The Rising Tide” in Terror Tales of Wales.

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