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Review in Locus

Locus Sept 2018I am thrilled to bits that “All the Fabulous Beasts” has been review by John Langan for the Sept 2018 issue of Locus magazine.

This issue includes features interviews with Kelly Robson and Rebecca Roanhorse; obituaries for Michael Scott Rohan and Gerald M. Weinberg; a column by Cory Doctorow; the Hugo, Retro-Hugo, Mythopoeic, Chesley, and Sidewise awards winners; Worldcon & NASFiC Site Selection news; US and British Forthcoming Books; a spotlight on Jason Kirk of 47North; George R.R. Martin in Conversation with John Picacio; and reviews of short fiction and books by Sonya Taaffe, Dave Hutchinson, Deborah Harkness, Janeen Webb, and many others.

Priya Sharma’s stories are indeed fabulous beasts, chimeras composed of the fantastic and deeply human, bound together by sinewy sentences, their strange hearts richly alive. The chorus of their animal mouths announces the arrival of a major voice.

-John Langan.

For the full review : Locus Issue 692

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Mithila Review Issue 10

Mithila Review Issue 10Thanks to Isha Karki and the team at Mithila Review for including an extensive review of “All the Fabulous Beasts” in Issue 10. (WARNING: SPOILERS)

This issue features:

Alexandra Seidel, Indrapramit Das, Damien Krsteski, Dennis Mombauer, Sarah M. Prindle, Bhushita Vasistha, Rahad Abir, Rajendra Shepherd, Alexandria Baisden, Yuan Changming, F.J. Bergmann, D.A. Xiaolin Spires, Lawdenmarc Decamora, Sarah Ang, Julie Novakova

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Interview at Fiction Unbound

Thanks to the lovely Gemma Webster for interviewing me for Fiction Unbound. I particularly love her inclusion of a photo of a milk float.

We Can’t Outrun Pain: Interview with Priya Sharma

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Review of All the Fabulous Beasts on Teleread

Thanks to Paul StJohn Mackintosh for taking the time to read my collection and review it.

British weird fiction writer Priya Sharma has been appearing in numerous year’s best anthologies for some time, and her story, “Fabulous Beasts” (included in this volume of course) was a finalist for a Shirley Jackson Award and won a British Fantasy Award for Short Fiction. Now a first full collection of her short fiction has appeared, from the very wonderful Undertow Publications, with striking covers in both the hardback and paperback edition. It’s no wonder that the volume opens with praise from both Ellen Datlow and Paula Guran, two of the most revered editors and anthologists in the current weird/dark fiction scene. I’m more than happy, then, to report that All the Fabulous Beasts both exceeds expectations, and confounds them.

Read the full review here.



A Golden Moment for Short Stories by Farhana Shaikh

A Golden Moment for Short Stories

The short story has traditionally been an American love affair. Hemingway, Carver and Vonnegut are often cited among the ‘greatest’ of all time. Across the Atlantic, hundreds of new short stories are published each week through independent small presses, the New Yorker publishes one each issue, which is unpicked and put back together again during their hour-long podcast, and many more are written by nervous MFA students.

In the UK, the form has at worst been ignored, but recent literary prizes seem to have played their part in elevating interest. The popularity of creative writing degrees has helped to produce a new wave of writers who are firmly committed to mastering the art. Despite this, securing publication for a collection from a first-time writer remains difficult.

A Golden Moment for Short Stories by Farhana Shaikh.

Read the whole article here on The Asian Writer.


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Five Weird Books for Strange Times by Paul Di Filippo

Thanks to Paul Di Filippo for featuring “All the Fabulous Beasts”  as one of his five weird books for strange times, in his essay for Barnes & Noble Review.

“Having published her first story only in 2005, Priya Sharma has taken until now to amass a volume’s worth of her tales, but the wait has been amply repaid. The sixteen items in her debut collection, All the Fabulous Beasts, show her to be a young adept at stories that specialize in eerie transformations and dead-end lives broken beyond repair. Her occasional resonances with certain literary ancestors show a deep knowledge of and reverence for the Weird, which she extrapolates along her own special vectors.” Paul Di Filippo


Read the full essay here.


The Asian Writer

Thanks to both Penny Jones for reviewing “All the Fabulous Beasts”, and Farhana Shaikh for including the review on her website, The Asian Writer.

The strength of Priya’s writing and the beauty of the tales transgresses all boundaries, she manages to convey a depth of emotion and understanding for her characters no matter how flawed they may be and it’s that understanding of humanity and all its intrinsic strengths and flaws which make this such a well rounded book. Because it isn’t just a collection of horror stories, or a debut of literary delights; it is much more than that, it’s a book about life; our life, the lives of those who mean so much to us, and the lives of those that we may wish in our weaker moments were dead. An exquisite collection that will delight all readers. Penny Jones.

Read full review here.


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2018 Summer Reading Recommendations from The Unbound Writers

A huge thanks to The Unbound Writers for listing my collection, “All the Fabulous Beasts”, on their Summer Reading List.

I particularly like Gemma Webster’s suggestions about what to do while you’re reading it…

Their list includes a couples of books that are already on my summer holiday book pile, including “Circe” by Madeline Miller and “Annihilation” by Jeff VanderMeer.

Check out the article here.


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News from Nowhere

A big thanks to the team at News from Nowhere on Bold Street, Liverpool for stocking a few copies of All the Fabulous Beasts.

News from Nowhere is a non-profit radical and community bookshop that was established in 1974 and is run collectively by a women workers’ co-operative. Next door to the shop is Liver House, the home of Jeannie Mole.


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The Christian Science Monitor

Thanks to Donna Bryson for mentioning me in her article for The Christian Science Monitor : After decades of dwarfs and elves, writers of color redefine fantasy.

“For those who think the genre is all faraway galaxies or pyrotechnic wizardry, consider English writer Priya Sharma’s “Rag and Bone,” set in a not-so-distant, poignantly plausible, dystopian Liverpool. Dr. Sharma portrays a brutal city state where it’s a capital offense to agitate for minimum wages, workplace safety, and free health care. In the story included in her recently released first collection, “All the Fabulous Beasts,” Sharma, who is also a family doctor, explores the distress she feels over the widening gap between haves and have-nots. The haves in “Rag and Bone” are buying body parts from the desperate poor.”

You can read the article here.

Donna Bryson

I was lucky enough to speak to Donna while she was writing this article and she has kindly written about my collection, “All the Fabulous Beasts” on her blog too.


Donna Bryson’s work has been published by, among others, The Associated Press, The Christian Science Monitor, The Daily Beast, Equal Times, Stanford Social Innovation Review, The New York Times, Stars and Stripes, VICE, and The Wall Street Journal.



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