Screams From The Dark

Screams From the Dark: Tales of Monsters and the Monstrous, a thrilling anthology featuring all-original tales of monsters from bestselling and award-winning authors and edited by Ellen Datlow, will be published by Nightfire in June 2022!

From werewolves and vampires, to demons and aliens, the monster is one of the most recognizable figures in horror. But what makes something, or someone, monstrous?


I am thrilled to be included alongside a dizzying list of writers in this all anthology of new stories. The list so far includes Indrapramit Das, Ian Rogers, Gerry Kilworth, Joe R. Lansdale, Glen Hirshberg, Stephen Graham Jones, Carole Johnstone, Laird Barron, Nathan Ballingrud, John Langan, Siobhan Carroll, A.C. Wise, Daryl Gregory, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Brian Evenson, Margo Lanagan, Richard Kadrey, Fran Wilde, Brian Hodge, Joyce Carol Oates, Jeffrey Ford, Kaaron Warren, Cassandra Khaw, and Kristi DeMeester.

You can find more information here.

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Dreamland: Other Stories

At heart, Dreamland is an elemental feminine landscape.

These twenty-one stories from female-identifying writers embody the disconnect between reality and the subconscious, the desire for meaning and the need for escape, the too-blue sky and the abyss.

These are voices that embrace the topography of the other: the weird, transgressive, uncanny and strange. Voices that displace, unsettle and unnerve, that are subtly subversive in their power.

From the Black Shuck Books website

Dreamland: Other Storiesis available from Black Shuck Books on August 26th 2021

Thanks to editor Sophie Essex and Black Shuck Books’ Steve Shaw for including me. My story was initially part of the The Sinsiter Horror Company’s online advent calendar in December 2020. You can find out a little more about it here.

Table of Contents:

‘Nectar’ by Kirsty Logan
‘Grimmer House’ by Taylor Sykes
‘Of the Ways’ by P J Richards
‘Not Just Museums’ by Sam Hicks
‘Fill the Thickened Lung with Breath’ by C A Yates
‘The Stone Lion’ by Catherine Adams
‘Inert Alight’ by Selina Lock
‘Pain is a Liar’ by Giselle Leeb
‘Becoming Home’ by Charlotte Bond
‘The Geminated’ by Eygló Karlsdóttir
‘Shared Endorphins’ by Emily Castles
‘Girls’ Night Out’ by Teika Marija Smits
‘The Night Parade’ by Laura Mauro
‘Homecoming’ by Rosalie Parker
‘Sea Heart’ by Jo M Thomas
‘Mari Lwyd’ by Priya Sharma
‘Footnotes to the Travel Guide’ by Nicole M Wolverton
‘Violet Green’ by Rachel Knightley
‘To Pray at Your Temple’ by Penny Jones
‘The Fall of Pan’ by Julie Ann Rees
‘Sky Eyes’ by Julie Travis

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Todas Las Bestias Fabulosas Interview

I was delighted to be a guest on Noviembre Nocturno‘s podcast for the launch of the Spanish edition of “All The Fabulous Beasts”.

Chris Miguel and Laura Martín Rivera of publisher Pulpture Ediciones were there. Sofia Barker, who translated the book, acted as translator. Noviembre Nocturno’s lovely host was Alberto Martinez ( who is a screnwriter, narrator and sound editor).

My thanks to them all for their hard week in making the event work. You can listen here:

Buy Todas Las Bestias Fabulosas

Todas Las Bestias Fabulosas: Digital Launch

The Spanish edition of “All The Fabulous Beasts” has its digital launch on Saturday 26th June at 5pm in Spain (4pm UK time).

My thanks to Chris Miguel, editor at publisher Pulpture Ediciones, and to Sofia Barker who translated the book and will act an intepreter for me.

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Todas Las Bestias Fabulosas

“All the Fabulous Beasts” is out in Spain.

You can order it from Pulpture Ediciones.

My thanks to the team at Pulpture and translator Sofia Barker for working in this during a very difficult year xxx

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Thanks to the team at Writeopolis for having me on their show this coming Sunday ( 30th May 2021) at 8.30pm GMT

Writeopolis is a fortnightly conversation between writing professionals live every other Sunday evening via Discord, with live text chat accompanying the voice discussion. You can catch up with these later in podcast form.

Writeopolis is BFS Award winner RJ Barker, author and playwright Scott K Andrews, and author, blogger, podcaster and procrastinator (and the one who does all the work) Kit Power, in conversation every fortnight with professionals from across the writing industry. Their aim is to recreate the conversational vibe of chatting at the bar of a really good con.

Listen Every other Sunday – 8:30pm to 9:30(ish)pm on Discordwith recordings appearing here the following Friday for backers, and FREE the Friday afterwards for all. They’re grateful for your financial support, but don’t charge for access to the Writeopolis live show or podcast.

writeopolis (@writeopolis) / Twitter

Writeopolis is creating Podcasts | Patreon

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Literary Retreat

Thanks to Saba T. Siddiqui and Nisar Sufi for interviewing me for their Author of the Month post over at Literary Retreat.

The site is full of interviews and reviews, from books to film, across a variety of genres.


Spanish Translation of All The Fabulous Beasts

I am delighted that Pulpture Ediciones will soon release the Spanish edition of my collection, “All The Fabulous Beasts”, which was first published by Undertow Publications in 2018.

Pulpture Ediciones is a Madrid based independent publishing house run by Jorge Plana and Christina Miguel.

“All The Fabulous Beasts” was translated to Spanish by Sofia Barker.

Pulture Ediciones have previouly republished one of my short stories, “Fabulous Beasts”, in a mini-anthology called “Dos Pieles” (Two Skins).

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