Read Online for Free

Mithila Review _ Asian SF Issue Cover Read “Egg” ( originally appeared in “Once Upon a Time” Ed. by Paula Guran and reprinted in Mithila Review, 2016).


Illustration for Fabulous Beasts by Jeffrey Alan Love Read “Fabulous Beasts” (, 2015)

Rag and Bone. Illustrated by John Jude PalencarRead “Rag and Bone” (, 2013)

Pearls Read “Pearls” (Bourbon Penn, 2012)

Read “Lebkuchen” (Fantasy, 2011)


2 thoughts on “Read Online for Free

  1. Atinder Sall says:

    Hi, I love, love,love your writing. I subscribe to Interzone and have done for years. You are one of very few writers that I have ‘looked out for’.
    Love the fact that you are Asian and a woman. Love the fact that is irrelevant to your stories.
    Hope to read lots more for a very long time from you.

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