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All the Fabulous Beasts

Mike Kelly, editor at Undertow Publications, has just released the cover art for the paperback edition of my collection, “All the Fabulous Beasts”.

All the Fabulous Beasts

The beautiful cover art is by C7 Hiroko Shiina and the design by Vince Haig.

To release a collection of my own stories, to have a book with my name on the cover, has been a long held dream of mine. Thanks to Mike and the other good people at Undertow (Vince Haig, Robert Freeman Wexley, Courtney Kelly and Carolyn McDonnell- Kelly) for making it happen.

“All the Fabulous Beasts” will be out in March 2018 in both hardback and paperback. If you’re interested in its progress, the book has its own Facebook page-

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