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Thanks to the team at Writeopolis for having me on their show this coming Sunday ( 30th May 2021) at 8.30pm GMT

Writeopolis is a fortnightly conversation between writing professionals live every other Sunday evening via Discord, with live text chat accompanying the voice discussion. You can catch up with these later in podcast form.

Writeopolis is BFS Award winner RJ Barker, author and playwright Scott K Andrews, and author, blogger, podcaster and procrastinator (and the one who does all the work) Kit Power, in conversation every fortnight with professionals from across the writing industry. Their aim is to recreate the conversational vibe of chatting at the bar of a really good con.

Listen Every other Sunday – 8:30pm to 9:30(ish)pm on Discordwith recordings appearing here the following Friday for backers, and FREE the Friday afterwards for all. They’re grateful for your financial support, but don’t charge for access to the Writeopolis live show or podcast.

writeopolis (@writeopolis) / Twitter

Writeopolis is creating Podcasts | Patreon

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Literary Retreat

Thanks to Saba T. Siddiqui and Nisar Sufi for interviewing me for their Author of the Month post over at Literary Retreat.

The site is full of interviews and reviews, from books to film, across a variety of genres.