Best British Horror 2015 Launch

Johnny Mains, Salt editor, is launching Best British Horror 2015 at the Covent Garden branch Best British Horror 2015 Launch at Waterstonesof Waterstones.

It includes stories by Steven J. Dines, Helen Grant, Christopher Harman, Andrew Hook, Jane Jakeman, Graham Joyce, Stephen Laws, Alison Littlewood, Rebecca Lloyd, Helen Marshall, Gary McMahon, Alison Moore, Rosalie Parker, Sara Pascoe, John Llewellyn Probert, R.B. Russell, Mark Samuels, Priya Sharma, Reece Shearsmith, Lisa Tuttle, Simon Kurt Unsworth and Conrad Williams

I don’t have the chance to do stuff like this very often and am nervous about being there and doing a reading- so please come and say hello. I’d love to meet you.

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15 thoughts on “Best British Horror 2015 Launch

  1. Sounds great. Sure you’ll do wonderful! Wish I could come, because it sounds fun!

  2. K K SHARMA says:

    We wish could be there ,perhaps next time

  3. Lynda says:

    Hey, it was so nice to meet you at this, Priya, and I really enjoyed your reading! Since you have successfully resisted the FB/Twitter juggernaut, I suppose I’ll have to keep up with you via the old-fashioned blog route. 😉

  4. owlwoman says:

    I hope this went well – and I’m sure it did. Were I still living in the big smoke, I would have been there. Contact with other writers is so important.

    • I really loved it! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I’m in touch with people online but it was great to meet everyone. Are you planning to go to any Cons yourself?

      • owlwoman says:

        To my shame I’ve never been to one – again, while living in London there was really no excuse, apart from appalling shyness. Now I’m out in the wilds of Cornwall, I can’t imagine there’d be anything on in the county, but I will have a trawl online and see what I come up with.

        Glad it went well – and I expect it was quite a buzz to have a live audience! I’ve read once at a local literary festival (with Rosanne Rabinowitz) and had an actress read one of my stories once. Both were interesting and very positive experiences.

      • It’s funny, I think most of us there said we were introverts by nature, so you’re not alone!
        Wow, what was it like to hear your story read by an actress? I saw Rosanne Rabinowitz reading in Manchester- she was really good.

  5. owlwoman says:

    It was quite an experience to have an actress read/perform the story – the gig was at the Poetry Café in Covent Garden with an established performance poet so I chickened out of doing it myself, which was a good call, I think. The actress enjoyed herself far better than I would’ve done and I was able to be somewhat objective about how it sounded – and see the audience reaction.

    Rosanne’s fab – and was very generous in asking me to take part in the event. Perhaps she just didn’t think she’d be able to sneak around Penzance without me seeing her!

    • That’s tremendous- what a great venue too.
      Cornwall’s stunning- just beautiful and with great history and mythology. You must gets loads of inspiration from it.

      • owlwoman says:

        Indeed – it’s incredibly inspiring, in a completely different way to London, of course. Penzance is on a major ley (line), St Michael’s Mount the view from my front window. I think my work has got far more cheery since I moved here, but no one seems to agree!

        Congrats on being in the book, by the way. Fantastic stuff.

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