Interview about Ormeshadow

Thanks to Mark West for an interviewing me about Ormeshadow over on his website. You can read the whole thing here.

Mark West lives in Northamptonshire with his wife Alison and their son Matthew. Since discovering the small press in 1998 he has published over eighty short stories, two novels, a novelette, a chapbook, two collections and six novellas (one of which, Drive, was nominated for a British Fantasy Award). He has more short stories forthcoming and is currently working on a crime/thriller novel. Away from writing, he enjoys reading, walking, watching films and playing Dudeball with his son. He can be contacted through his website at and is also on Twitter as @MarkEWest

When Sam Murphy’s seven-year-old daughter Janey starts to suffer night terrors, he does his best to assure her that Mr Stix – a voice from the shadows who says “mean things” to her – can’t hurt her.

Sam later finds the grotesque Mr Stix in the family bathroom and then his terrified wife tells him the story of her own childhood night-time fears.

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